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Unable to return to Canada due to COVID-19 travel restriction

If you are unable to return to Canada within 6 consecutive months because and are currently staying in a country where there is a travel ban or restrictions, quarantined (cruise ship), in self-isolation from another country, or fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus during air travel, you may still be able to receive your OAS, GIS, ALW continuously as long as:

  1. You notify Service Canada upon return and provide a valid explanation of the circumstances around why you were unable to return within 6 consecutive months.
  2. If your OAS/GIS, ALW benefits was suspended and you were intended to come back but unable to due to travel restrictions, you may contact pension call centre to re-instate your benefit payments. Call CPP/OAS office from oversea
  3. If you have already notified Service Canada of the future date of return beyond 6 consecutive months, you may contact pension call centre to reinstate the payment from the month you were intended to come back to Canada (but was unable to)

Under these circumstances, your extended absence from Canada is consider involuntary, therefore you may still be able to get paid for your pension benefits. Unfortunately, if your absence from Canada was an extension of your vacation, it will be consider as voluntary delay, therefore you will not see your benefits extended.

Pension call centre 1-800-277-9914