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OAS benefit amounts will increase by approximately 0.8% for the January to March 2024 quarter. This increase is based on the general Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Maximum OAS amount for this quarter:

  1. $713.34 for seniors between ages 65 to 74 
  2. $784.67 for seniors 75 and older

Maximum GIS amount for this quarter:

  • Single, widowed, or divorced pensioner: $1,065.47
  • You and your spouse both receive full OAS / your spouse receives an Allowance payment: $641.35
  • Your spouse does not receive OAS or Allowance payment: $1,065.47

Maximum Allowance amount for this quarter: $1,354.69

Maximum Allowance for Survivor amount for this quarter: $1,614.89

Past increase

1.1% for the January to March 2022 quarter.

1% for the April to June 2022 quarter.

2.8% for the July to September 2022 quarter

0.6% for the October to December 2022 quarter

0.3% for the January to March 2023 quarter

0.5% for the April to June 2023 quarter

1.1% for the July to September 2023 quarter

1.28% for the October to December 2023 quarter

Note: The CPI is a measure of the rate of price change for goods and services bought by Canadian consumers. The increase or decrease in the CPI is measured by the percentage change between the average of the most recent 3-month CPI period and that of the last 3-month CPI period.

Additional Information

Seniors aged 75 and over will see an automatic 10% increase in their Old Age Security pension, as of July 2022.

source: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/publicpensions/cpp/old-age-security/payments.html