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It was created to provide general pension information only.

My Service Canada Account for CPP/OAS

You may register your My Service Canada Account (MSCA) to view your claim payment information.

Here is a list of services you may find under MSCA:

  • View and print copies of the CPP Statement of Contributions.
  • Verify your payment information for CPP and OAS benefits.
  • Print an official proof of payment report for social housing.
  • View, add, change, or stop a consent to communicate information with an authorized person.
  • View and update your address, banking information and telephone number.
  • View your CPP or OAS program application status.
  • Add, modify or stop a voluntary tax withhold
  • View and print copies of CPP and OAS T-4 tax slips.
  • Delay receipt of an OAS pension for which he or she has been automatically enrolled.
  • Apply for a CPP pension.
  • Request or view the Child Rearing Provision.

My Service Canada Account for CPP/OAS

Please be advised that a third party person, regardless the person is a family member, can not register a MSCA on behalf of the pensioner.

If you are trying to grant access to a pensioner’s file, you need a Power of Attorney (General or Property), submitted to pension office before being granted control over the file.

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