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It was created to provide general pension information only.

If you would like to know how much you may receive for your OAS and GIS, you may use the OAS benefits estimator on Canada.ca website.

Questions the estimator will ask are:

  1. Age – What month and year were you born?
  2. Residence – Since the age of 18, have you only lived in Canada? If no, Since the age of 18, how many years have you lived in Canada?
  3. What is your marital status? 
  4. When did you start or plan to start taking your OAS pension?
  5. What is your individual annual income?
  6. Estimated results will show depending on how you answer the questionnaire.

Old Age Security benefits estimator

If you are receiving a partial OAS pension
If you are not receiving a full OAS pension, you need to contact the pension call centre for detailed information about your OAS pension, Guaranteed Income Supplement or your spouse`s or common-law partner`s Allowance payment amounts.
If you are receiving a full OAS pension
Please refer to the current full OAS pension amount post for further details. Click here