Between April and December 2019, Service Canada will send a letter to approximately 1,000 Old Age Security applicants informing them that they have been selected to participate in a voluntary study regarding the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS). The letter also informs participants that they will be contacted by telephone to confirm their interest in being part of the study.

The purpose of this study is to obtain feedback on the GIS with clients who are eligible for the benefit and to discuss their views on the application process.

Any clients who have concerns about the validity of the invitation or request additional information can contact Service Canada at the toll-free number dedicated to this study: 1-844-294-6710.

Participation in this study is voluntary and does not affect entitlement to benefits. The participants have the option to withdraw from the study at any time, without penalty.

The voluntary study will consist of a 90-minute in-depth interview that will be conducted in 4 cities:

  • Ottawa
  • Toronto Area
  • Vancouver
  • St. John’s