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by Jack Clark Jan 24, 2023

PRINCE GEORGE- A Prince George man is looking to create change for seniors who are struggling financially.

Wesley Henry is fighting for seniors living on the verge of poverty. Creating a movement throughout the north with the message that seniors need a $300 per month increase in old age security benefits.

The petition was signed by more than a thousand people.

The government of Canada says that the O.A.S pension amounts as of January 2023 are a maximum of $687.56 for those between the ages of 65-74 and $756.32 for those 75 years and over.

CKPG News reached out to Taylor Bachrach, the MP in Skeena-Bulkley Valley, who provided the following statement in support of an increase in old age security.

“New Democrats are opposed to this two-tier system for seniors. All seniors are facing higher costs, not just those 75 and older. The Liberal’s two-tiered system leaves thousands of people who need help behind, which is why we are continuing to demand the Liberals apply a uniform increased benefit for all seniors 65 and older.”

Back in September of last year the Office of Seniors Advocate Group conducted a survey that found that 45 per cent of seniors in British Columbia are living on less than minimum wage and 25 per cent of seniors are living on less than $21,000 a year.

source: https://ckpgtoday.ca/2023/01/24/hundreds-sign-petition-to-increase-old-age-security-benefits/